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Why We Love Selling More To Existing Customers

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Posted on February 02, 2018

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If there is one area where many people in sales tend to go wrong, it is their relationships with existing customers. Far too many people seem to be in a rush to acquire more and more new customers, but fail to make the most of the customers they have already got.

A customer is a great commodity, and unfortunately a lot of people don’t make the most of them. You should never look at a customer as a onetime payment, you should look at them as a relationship that you have to nurture, build, and one that will give you everything you put in it back tenfold.

When it comes to first time customers and long term customers, there really is no comparison. There are many factors that make a long term customer with whom you have built a strong relationship with a much more important client than a new customer. But the most important factor we need to cover here, is trust.

Trust is the backbone of every sale, and getting the customer to trust you and to believe in what you are offering is the key to closing a deal. With a new customer, you have to prove your worth via your pitch. Because they have never bought from you before, there will always be a leap of faith involved.

With a long term customer, there is no leap of faith needed. If you have treated them well up to this point, then they will not be averse to buying from you again. In fact they will look forward to it and seek you out over your competitors because you have already demonstrated your trust, reliability and value to them. That is the huge advantage you get by selling to customers that you have built and maintained strong relationships with.

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