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Why It's Better To Focus On Existing Customers

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Posted on March 12, 2018

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There’s no denying that businesses are keen to embrace new customers, but this doesn’t mean that existing customers should be left by the wayside. If anything, it could actually be more beneficial in touching base with your old customers when it comes to increasing your company’s profit margin.

Existing Customers Will Already Be Aware of Your Company’s Value

It stands to reason that more effort and investment is needed when reaching out to new customers. However, making contact with existing customers who have had a positive experience in the past can offer a business the ideal opportunity to sell based on their spending habits of the past.

If you have data on hand surrounding a customer’s past interaction with the company, then you can tailor content that not only offers value, but allows customers to browse products or services that may be of use to them.

A Business Becomes More Aware of Existing Customer Needs

When conversing with a new customer, it can be hard to gauge what type of customer they are, and what it will take to keep them on board. Dealing with existing customers means that your business can create a profile of each customer they interact with. This allows the business to be more proactive when approaching customers, as it will be more aware of the approach customers prefer, as well as a better idea of their spending habits.

Making use of software like Numerik allows you to harness customer information, and use it in the right way, Real life data can be used to alter current marketing strategies to ensure that they reach their goal.

Existing Customers Normally Mean More Profit

The nature of business means that each has to operate in its own way to see results. While acquiring new customers should be on any business’s agenda, it’s important not to underestimate how much existing customers actually spend when dealing with your company.

While small purchases may not account for much in the interim, they soon pile up over time. As such, it’s vital that companies are able to maintain a positive relationship with its existing customers. While initial inquiries may not mean an immediate sale, a company that is able to offer value throughout the lifecycle of a customer can be confident that repeat sales make up a great portion of its year-end profits.

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