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Why It Pays To Sell More To Existing Customers

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Posted on January 29, 2018

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The most important part of any sale is not the fact that you are making a sale and are about to make money, but rather that you have managed to gain a new customer. Too often sales people make the mistake of only seeing the customer as a onetime pay cheque, rather than the key to a potentially long and lucrative relationship. When they make a sale, they quickly move on to trying to get more customers, and ignore the customer they have just made.

Doing this the equivalent of starting over again and again every time you manage to take a step forward. There is nothing wrong with looking for new customers, and of course you have to make sure you are consistently adding to your clientele base. But ignoring the customers you already have is a terrible idea, and here is why.

 Once you sell to someone, you can begin to build a relationship with them. If they are happy with your initial offering, they will be much easier to sell to later. Certainly selling to them will be much simpler than selling to a new customer, because you will have built up that trust.

Trust is the most important thing in sales. The more trust you can generate, the more money you will make. A customer who knows you and trusts you will have much less resistance to making another buy from you, whereas a new customer would have reason to be wary as there is no history between you.

Also when it comes to larger, riskier purchases, a customer who has bought from you before and has that level of trust with you is much more likely to agree to a deal than one who is new and you are trying to close for the first time.

The advantages to continuing to pursue former customers are plentiful and they are clear to see. Make use of your customers, and get the most out of every sale. Making more sales from existing customers (and helping them to solve their problems) could be your secret to success in 2018!

If you want to get started with selling more to existing customers, then get in touch with us (send an email to and we will show you how Numerik can help achieve this! 

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