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Numerik Customer Scorecard Is Close

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Posted on November 13, 2017

Are you a sales rep (or manager in charge of a team of reps) who primarily sells to existing customers/accounts with whom you have an established relationship?

If so, then the Numerik Customer Scorecard is just what the doctor ordered.

This unique, innovative tool will help you to identify opportunities to sell more to those existing customers, through "white space analysis" and looking at gaps in your customers' current purchasing.

And there's huge benefit for customers as well. By using Numerik Customer Scorecard you can help drive incentive sales with rebates, rewards and more. Your customers may be close to hitting a rebate or incentive level without even realising it - and a few more $ of orders could actually give them huge benefit! 

Numerik Customer Scorecard is coming very soon. Keep your eye out for more info or email 

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