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How Often Should You Contact Existing Customers?

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Posted on March 19, 2018

How Often To Contact

No matter what type of business you run, the overall aim will be to generate sales, be it for a product or a service. There are hundreds of ways to win over new customers, but how does a business handle its communication with existing customers? If you’re not proactive, you could be letting them drift into the arms of a competitor. Similarly, if you’re simply swamping existing customers with mail shots and emails and hoping for the best, then it’s likely that they will become desensitised to any future communications, meaning your marketing efforts lose momentum over time.

When it comes to contacting existing customers, there can be many factors to consider, including when the best time to contact a customer is, and what their preferred method of contact is.

Attaining this information may be difficult if approaching it manually, as well as time-consuming. Fortunately, there is software that can be used that allow you to acquire information and then use it to plan more effective marketing strategies.

Establishing Communication

The birth of the Internet means customers can be more sporadic when it comes to their spending habits, as they are not constricted by hours of trading as seen with some brick-and-mortar businesses. When deciding how often we should contact customers, it can be useful to have some data to refer to.

Gathering Data

If you’ve no data at present, then now can be a good idea to start gathering information in relation to your customers. Having access to information about your customers allows you to target your marketing more effectively, making interaction more likely.

There are many trends you can look out for when capturing information, such as when the most sales activity occurs, as well as what forms of communication yield the best return.

As no two customers are the same, the information you find can also be used to create a more bespoke marketing strategy when it comes to communicating with existing customers. This can include sending emails offering discounts on items a customer frequently purchases.

Other Factors to Consider

Rather than “checking in” with existing customers, you should be looking to offer value with each communication we make. This doesn’t mean that you have to offer a series of freebies with each communication you make but ensuring that you’re offering advice that’s related to the industry you operate in means that customer interaction is more likely.

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