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You're down on quota with a week to turn it around.

Numerik is a Live Sales Planning Tool that Gets Real.
Real Data. Real Actions. Real Consequences.
(Like one of those clever wearable health trackers, but for Sales Performance)

Sales Targets to live or die by.
Numerik is the scorecard in your pocket.


A Plan, linked to live sales data, so every action, every effort, goes towards making your number.

Numerik is a Live Sales Planning Tool for setting Targets and actioning Plans. It goes beyond CRM and BI, directly coordinating sales team planning and execution in support of hitting your Sales Target.

Targets are everything

The one thing that really matters is to hit our sales targets. While other software includes Targets as a ‘useful feature’, Numerik simply puts your Sales Number at the centre of everything you do. Numerik is the only technology whose core functionality is in support of hitting the target. CRMs seem to have forgotten the importance.

System of Action

While your CRM/ERP provide your Systems of Record, and other systems may offer Systems of Insight, Numerik is your System of Action. It is the essential link between the number you need to make, and your ability to achieve it. It's a system that offers a way to tactically plan and execute on just those activities required to hit target. We call this working Numerikly.

Maximise your accounts

For many businesses, existing accounts are a poorly tapped source of revenue. The more sales data and customer accounts you have, and the more SKUs and product types you sell, the more opportunity for growth is available to mine. For businesses structured like this, large and small, Numerik offers the greatest value.

Focus on what matters

When time is scarce, and you have a burning platform to address, you need to focus on what matters. Numerik encourages effort where it matters, zeroing in on where the real value lies. With live data driving decisions, the team can adjust their plan as circumstances change and the goal approaches.

Do what you're good at

Everyone says “just hit your number”, but how? How about by doing what you're good at? By getting and keeping the right customers, by cultivating profitable, sustainable customer relationships, by seeking out opportunities with high value customers, by creating value for them and staying committed. Numerik helps sales people sell (the right way).

Motivate & Inspire

Do Reps want a Sales Tool that does everything their Boss dreams of? Or just the things that help them make Sales? Does management need another bloated Sales Tool the Sales Team dreads, or one that gives them all they need for Sales Growth? Numerik provides the Sales Team with a system they believe in, around a target they care about.

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